By Shreya Pillai


Gokarna is known as a temple town, situated in Karnataka, this town will give you Goa vibes. A laidback town with beautiful clean beaches, narrow roads and friendly faces. Stick around to read ‘the things that you can do when in Gokarna’.


P.S.: let’s try keeping the beaches clean and plastic free. Thanks 🙂


  • Go Hiking
    • If you feel adventurous and aren’t worried about a little sweat (or maybe a lot) hiking is the way to go to see the wonderful beaches. It is a long walk from Belekan Beach covering Paradise Beach, Half Moon Beach, Om Beach and Kudle Beach all the way to Gokarna main Beach. Trust me, it’s exhausting but the view will be worth your while.


    • Boat rides

    If you aren’t a fan of hiking and still want to be able to go see these beaches while your friends hike, you could take a boat to the beach that you like, while the rest of them hike and reach there.


    • Shopping

    Who doesn’t like shopping?! Head out to the market area near the Gokarna main Beach and fill your shopping bags and maybe empty your pockets by buying souvenirs like the  ‘Gokarna Tshirt’ , fridge magnets or your random everyday things like clothes, Sunglasses, accessories and more..


    • Try the Nutella Ice Shake at Kudle Beach

    The Nutella ice shake at Namaste Rock Beach cafe is an absolute favourite. Served in a glass was this really yum Nutella based ice cream sorta milkshake. This is what dreams are made of especially in this scorching heat.


    • Explore the town

    Hire a cycle and go explore the Gokarna town and don’t be afraid if you get a little lost, the locals are really helpful and will always show you the way.

    • Experiment with food

    If you are a foodie check out the many cafes Gokarna offers:

    At the Half moon Beach Cafe, try the Prawn Masala.

    At Nirvana Cafe on Om Beach try the Nutella Pancake (Crepe) and chicken chilly. It’s really good but the place is kinda expensive.

    At Namaste rock Beach cafe on Kudle Beach, the Prawn Pizza which is actually served on a banana leaf , the Nutella ice shake (obvio) and the seafood lasagna.


    • Stay in camps by the beach

    If you are at Gokarna, choose to stay in a tent by the beach. Enjoy a late night bonfire on the beach while you sing and enjoy the night under the stars. A nice way to make new friends.

    • Spend some time on the beach

    if you aren’t afraid of a sun tan, take a towel or whatever and just lay on the beach. Also, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the setting sun.

    If you like swimming, go take a dip and swim in the clear waters or buy a frisbee and go crazy playing on the beaches.


    So, there you go.! Plan your vacay soon and don’t forget to keep the beaches clean and plastic free 🙂

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